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Make sure that you come here before you go any where please :D For the rules and everything are hidden within this place.

Sub-board: Horse Information

Major Deformities and Markings
by TWiZTiD ☣
Apr 7, 2015 11:25:06 GMT -5
School of Hard Knocks

If you are needing any help with role-playing. please post here any questions or advice you would like.

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Competition Highlights

Anyone hear that winner's bell going off?! Well if you think that you have won something from any of the competitions that are held or anything else that has winnings. Make sure that you check out here to see just who won and just what prizes are offered.

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Advertising Station

First for Everything

Wanting to advertise with us and this is your first time doing it? Well step right on in and post here and we will be getting right back to you. Just please remember no posting any links in the shoutbox to your site.

Fodlan Chronicles: A Fire Emblem Based RP
by Sothis
Feb 2, 2020 9:39:33 GMT -5
Second Time Around

Have we linked onto your site and you wish to come and link onto ours? Where here is the spot to do it. Just please do not post any site link into the shoutbox.

Golden Darkness
by GD Staff
Sept 14, 2015 20:17:18 GMT -5

Want to share your button around and post it up here for all to see? Don't be scared to stop on in and we will come to your site and share our button as well.
Sister Sites ::

-sister sites will be right here for right now until further notice

breathless new canine site moved
by reckless
Jul 17, 2015 23:09:47 GMT -5

Creation Council

The Fire Pit

Here is where you create your characters at. We also remind you to wait until your character is accepted before you go and do anything with them. Though you are allowed to plot something up before your character is accepted.

Sub-boards: accepted stallions, accepted Mares, Foals of Epona, denied/not finished

Aegeus-Herbivore-Colt -born on site-
by TWiZTiD ☣
Jun 24, 2015 15:44:32 GMT -5
Story Lines

Need a place to keep up with all your characters in one place. Here it is and we also require you to have a character log also. Please make sure you fill one out once your character is accepted.

The Many faces(Amrias log)
by Amria
May 6, 2015 9:53:37 GMT -5
The Mad House

Need something for your characters to do? or you are just out looking for the plot of the site? Here is where you can come and post up something for people to come and join you and your characters.

Site Plot
by TWiZTiD ☣
Jan 5, 2015 19:35:25 GMT -5
Adoption Center

Tired of your character's and don't want to go and kill them off? Well you can come on in and post them up here and make the rules for how your characters are adopted out. There is also a board in here where you can kill off your characters if you do not want them adopted out.

Sub-board: killing off

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the blood hounds

Having trouble keeping track with your post? Take your chance and make a thread for all of your characters here.

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The Top Lands

Flowering Fields

Blossoming over the land are many flowers upon this land. Causing so many mares to come here, looking for homes and hoping to find themselves a love if possible. With no mare being forced to leave this place against their will and this place changing along with the seasons. With the sun trying to always shine upon this place and when it rains it rains and hardly really storms around here.

A day in the life (twiz)
by Amria
Aug 23, 2015 16:30:44 GMT -5
Hidden Waterfall

There are times when a mother needs to get away from the herd and just enjoy their little ones that they have. Yes, the stallions could come with their mares but that is only if the mare allows them. For no stallion may come without permission first. This is a safe haven by the water's edge to lay around and watch the water roll over the lands and just shallow enough for the little ones to get into the water without anyone drowning.

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Lover's Lane

Here is where you will put stats up for when your horses have breed and on the date that is given in the birth. Make sure that you post your mare giving birth in the Breeding Land.

Sub-board: Birthing

Aegeus: herbivore
by Amria
Jun 23, 2015 9:38:25 GMT -5
Darkened Valley

Darkness covers this terrain, the sounds of birds are only the cries from crows, and not a bit of life looks to be around here. This is where the dark of the dark souled stallions crawl through these lands. Preying upon the mares that decide to wander into these very lands. So beware ladies, this place is not for those that have weak hearts.

On the prowl (RedWine and Marauder)
by Amria
May 6, 2015 9:41:04 GMT -5
Bloody Desert

Dark sky clouding this place with not a bit of happiness around here. The sand covers this place and was stained with deep red blood from the those who have came and fought. Carcasses slowly disappearing showing and disappearing with each good bit of wind that came through here. Just remember to not look up when you wander into this place. For the vultures linger ahead for their next meal to fall over.

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Pip Piper's Darkened Canyons

Wanting to take another equine from a herd? Well my dears, make sure that you stop here and post just who you would like to steal. Just remember to go and read the rules upon what you do in this section. But here is a small example of just what you do here ::

Robin, King of the Natives, is stealing Icy from Eugene, of the Nobles. Choosing even numbers

This is just a example of what you write and a staff member will come and roll the dice and let you know just who is the winner and there can be a challenge set up if the horse that is being stolen form would like to.

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Ocean Side

Roaming without a home, stallions? Wanting some where to talk to other males? Maybe your even wanting to come and join a Bachelor herd or just a regular herd? Well come here to the sun shine section of the land. Where the weather is nice and warm where it hardly snows. Listen to the seagulls crying out and the other sounds of the ocean's waves beating upon the coast line.

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The Center


This land has many mountains and trees upon this land. Yes it seems like a dark place, but it is quite magical looking terrain with many flower type plants all over the land with the warm weather comes around. There is an awesome little cove that is also within the land, but I would be careful with where you are going. There is a cliff that is where the cove is and you have to find the trail to make your way down to the small beach that lays below. Though once you go to the water down below and you walk into the water It only comes up to the underside of of any horse that is over fifteen hands, but I would be careful. It is hard to tell when the water will drop down to the depths of the water. Though being so close to the waters, this place seems always a bit on the rainy side at times. Though don't mind that. Just come on in and enjoy the land that is around and soak it all up and meet the lead of the land.

KING: Daryl
QUEEN: Geisha

Sub-boards: open , open

New life(twiz)
by TWiZTiD ☣
Jul 1, 2015 15:39:51 GMT -5

--- please get the forum from the rules to fill out, but do not put anything in the name section if you are claiming the king's land. Also, when you go to fill out the description make sure you take a look at the map to see what kind of terrain the land is in.


Sub-boards: open, open

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--- please get the forum from the rules to fill out, but do not put anything in the name section if you are claiming the king's land. Also, when you go to fill out the description make sure you take a look at the map to see what kind of terrain the land is in.


Sub-boards: open, open

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Bachelor Pad

Here is a massive land that was given to the Bachelor's of the herds. Those young stallions who wish to leave their herds and learn from other stallions. For this place is made of different territories to help the training of young stallions a lot easier.

The Elder: -- older stallion opening [must be over the age of 15 years old

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Under Land

The Temple

Wanting to see your dead family or a dead love? Will come down into the temple and make sure that you bring a white flower if you wish to make your wish to come true to see the sight of your dead ones. For these temple ruins are covered in white flowers from those who have come and gone and allowing their loves to know that they wish them safe keepings.

pray to the G O D S [open]
by TWiZTiD ☣
May 1, 2015 10:08:26 GMT -5
Reaper's Castle

Wishing your character's to disappear and die in some kind of way? An you wish for them to have some kind of death. Come into the Reaper's home and you can role-play your character's death and he will be glad to take your character and give them the death that you wish to have.

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Social Center

Artist Plaza

Want a picture made of your character or even a character reference done? Come on and post up what you would like if no one has a studio up. There are probably many that would enjoy taking the time to do your picture. An if you would like a studio please make sure that you PM a staff member if you would like a studio.

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Gaming Throne

Wanting something to do while you are waiting for a post to come around? Know a good game and you want to share? Please bring in the games and post here. Only so that all come and join your game with you.

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Voter's Luck

When OTM's are going on you make sure to come in and make sure that you nominate and vote for that person or character that you think is the winner. An the winner's will be announced in the Competition Highlights.

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First Meeting

New to the place? Wanna get to know everyone and tell them a bit about yourself? Pop on in and tell us about yourself and welcome all that are new to the place.

Byrd is the wyrd
by TWiZTiD ☣
Apr 14, 2015 21:20:40 GMT -5
Shopping Center

Wishing to buy something for your character such as a pet or something for them to wear? Drop on into this place of shopping and make sure you have plenty of horseprints to bring on down and spend within this place.

Sub-boards: checking out, Reciepts

by TWiZTiD ☣
Jan 13, 2015 13:33:50 GMT -5

Information Center

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